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The Team

The brains behind QGate

QGate – your mobile controller „made in Austria“ – didn’t appear from nowhere. Behind the home-made design, the innovative technology and the versatile applications is a team of creative minds that is happy to share QGate with you, read your feedback and answer your questions.

Martin Buber

The QGate-Captain with
+43 676 90 50 923

What he is doing at QGate:
QGater from the very first beginning; turning the passion called gadget-freakism into profession; being the master of the Internet of Things

His favourite QApp:
QChalet – my apartment tells me what’s going on

His slogan:
The science of today is the mistake of tomorrow. (Jakob von Üxküll)

Other stuff he likes:
gadgets; photography; Italian food; travelling

Andreas Aigelsreiter

The Technology-Chief-Guru with

What he is doing at QGate:
telling the same old story every day while taking care that the world goes round
nevertheless; capturing the creatives‘ chaotic ideas and giving them a healthy dose of reality

His favourite QApp:
TVnanny - now, who invented it?

His slogan:
Silence is a source of great strength. (Confucius)

Other stuff he likes:
his three brats; crucifying his bicycle; the silence of crashing waves

Stefan Pfeffer

The Guy for the Money

What he is doing at QGate:
taking care of the finances; keeping the business going

His favourite QApp:
Money Countdown - always keeping an eye on the budget

His slogan:
There is no time like the present.

Other stuff he likes:
cultivating friendships; a little bit of bar keeping; a little bit of acting; lots of travelling 

Pablo Jäger

The Creative-Chief-Guru with „always-another-pixel-up-his-sleeve“-Guarantee

What he is doing at QGate:
here a pixel, there a pixel, everywhere
a pixel; Wow, this looks sharp!

His favourite QApp:
QLove – Honey, it’s getting a little later today…

His slogan:
Just because it's always been done that way doesn't mean it always has to be done that way.

Other stuff he likes:
magazines; coffee; spining records (exactely, those black, round things with the hole in the middle), touring with his band

Manuel Stummer

The Software-Veteran of Your
Trust with „all-bets-are-off“-Guarantee

What he is doing at QGate:
fostering, grooming and cultivating the QGarden; developing brilliant apps for you

His favourite QApp:
QSwitch – probably the technically most comprehensive on/off-switch ever

His slogan:
I love it when a plan comes togehter. (Colonel John „Hannibal“ Smith)

Other stuff he likes:
his two ladies at home; music, music, and music again; proving that all bets are off

Johannes Sederl

The Software-Hero with „you’ve-got-the-questions-I’ve-got-the-answers“-Guarantee

What he is doing at QGate:
juggling with Source Code; refining the platform; creating QApps; always lending
an ear to technical support questions

His favourite QApp:
ECOSwitch – simple but effective

His slogan:
Don’t dream it, be it. (Dr. Frank ‘N Furter)

Other stuff he likes:
music (drums and other stuff that makes melodic noise); faraway countries; good friends & long nights


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