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World first QGate
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World first QGate connects your smartphone to your living spaces

Intelligent Technology

Managing. Switching. Measuring. Feeling. Hearing. Seeing.

Communicate with your electrical devices at home. Anytime. All around the world. QGate manages, switches, measures, feels, hears and sees for you – whenever and wherever you like. QGate knows your expectations and informs you, once they are not met. QGate adjusts to your preferences and takes care that you always stay in touch with your home. Experience new freedom with QGate.

Features & Sensors

At first sight just a small black adapter plug, QGate is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that changes your world. QGate enables you to regulate and monitor your electrical devices at any time. Wherever you are. QGate is placed between the socket and the electrical device of your choice. QGate connects the device to the internet. The so called QApps that can be operated via smartphones, tablets or web browser enable you to communicate with your device and regulate your QGate's behaviour. According to the QApp used, QGate forwards messages to you via text message, e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. Different integrated features & sensors turn your QGate into an intelligent mobile controller for your home, your office or while travelling.


The QApps

The so called QApps are applications that you can operate via smartphone, tablet or web browser. They use the integrated features & sensors to regulate your QGate’s behaviour. The QAppstore currently offers more than 20 applications for a wide range of uses. From simply switching on/off every electrical device with your smartphone (QSwitch) until monitoring your room, your holiday house or your office (QChalet). It’s your choice with QGate.


The integrated switch

The integrated switch ensures that your QGate can switch on and off every electrical device connected to it. Wherever you are. Whenever you want. For example connect your floor lamp to your QGate and download the QApp QSwitch. Now you can already turn the light on with your smartphone before you enter your flat. Or use the QApp TimeSwitch to determine at which time and for how long a QGate-connected device should be switched on or off.


The integrated temperature sensor

The integrated temperature sensor ensures that your QGate can feel into a room. In combination with the appropriate QApps, QGate informs you about the current temperature, let’s you know when it is falling or rising and adjusts its behavoiur individually to it. Connect your QGate for example to your cooler. QGate registers the current room temperature and accomodates the cooling power to it by using the QApp QCooler. Or use the QApp QHeater to ensure that the room temperature at your home is never falling under your desired level. Once the temperature is dropping under your desired temperature, QGate informs you immediately.


The integrated microphone

The integrated micorphone ensures that your QGate can hear into a room. QGate captuers acoustic signals and informs you the minute a sound is registered. For example use the QApp QCare to know about your parents‘ or grandparents‘ well-being. In case QGate has not registered acoustic activities within a certain predefined period of time, it forwards a text message or an e-mail to you - so you can have look what’s going on with your loved ones. In combination with the QApp QChalet alarms from fire or water alarm systems are forwarded to you.


The integrated light sensor

The integrated light sensor ensures that your QGate can see into a room and register changes in the lighting conditions. In combination with the appropriate QApps, QGate informs you for instance when the light is turned on and adjusts its behaviour to the current lighting conditions. By using the QApp QDusk the QGate-connected light source is automatically switched on at dusk. In combination with the QApp QChalet - that you can use as alarm system - you get informed the minute a light is turned on or the curtain is drawed.

Wherever you are

The embedded SIM card

The embedded SIM card ensures that your QGate stays in constant touch with you via your smartphone and that you can communicate with your electrical devices all around the world. Thus QGate can adjust to your personal mobility. No matter if you are in the next room, your office or at the beach. Without Wifi-installation QGate is ready for use within moments at any place with GSM-coverage. Plug in, register, choose QApp and your personal mobile controller is ready for use. Learn more about our flatrate tariffs at the QShop.

Stay informed


QGate does not only enable you to communicate with your electrical devices but also to get informed by them. Messagings are forwarded to you by text message, e-mail, Facebook or Twitter for example when the room temperature is sinking, somebody is entering your house without your permission or a QGate-connected device breaks down. Depending on the QApp you are currently using. Choose your favourite messaging option and stay informed with QGate.


Visible information

The light bar

Your QGate is equipped with a light bar. The light bar that can glow in all colours of the rainbow is not only responsible for your QGate’s stylish look, but also helps you to make information visible. You can choose your favourite colour in the QGarden and change it according to mood or function. You would like to display your greenhouse’s temperature with your light bar? As soon as the temperature is falling, the light bar is truning blue. Once it is rising again, the light bar glows red. Of course you can also switch off your QGate’s light bar.


The integrated powermeter

The integrated powermeter ensures that QGate can measure the energy consumption of every electrical device connected to it. In combination with the QApp QEnergy the energy consumption of a QGate-connected device is measured as well as displayed and filed as daily consumption data including your energy costs. The QApp ECO-Switch uses the integrated powermeter to recognize the sleep mode of QGate-connected devices and to turn them off if necessary in order to save energy.

Expanding functions

The local radio link

The local radio link enables you to expand the functions of your QGate. Up to 10 sensors and actuators can be connected to your QGate. These so called QLinks will be available in spring 2013. Use them for example in combination with the QApp QChalet. Stick the QLink to your entrance door, window or a drawer. Once they are opened without permission, QGate informs you instantly.

Upcoming Products

The QLink

Currently we are working intensively on the expansion of the QGate’s functions. Our newest family member is the small but extremely versatile QLink. This sensor tunes the functions of our existing QApps. Members of the QDev community can use the QLink for new QApp creations.

And that's how it works

The QLink is a sensor that you can apply to different spots in your apartment, office or holiday house. The QLink expands the functions of the QApps (precise temperature detection, detection of changes in lighting conditions, door / window / drawer contact).

Learn more about QLink

Quick Guide

Quick Guide

Learn here how to start up your QGate in three simple steps.

Facts & Features

The technology behind QGate

QGate Features

  • QAppworld – app-based „Internet of Things“ solution
  • open app development studio in the cloud
  • actuator to switch electrical devices
  • lightbar for events, alarms and user-defined ambient light
  • social notifications and alarms (Facebook, Twitter, text message, e-mail)
  • integrated sensors (temperature, light, powermeter, microphone)
  • radiolink for 10 external sensors and simple self-installation
  • international usage via GSM – no WIFI required

QGate Facts

  • matt black
  • CEE 7/4, TÜV, CE, TGM
  • 230 VAC, 50...60 Hz, typ. 1,5 W
  • dimension 88 x 55 x 68mm, ~260 g, IP20
  • switch 10 A, 2300 VA
  • temperature sensor 0...40 °C
  • light sensor 250...5000 lux
  • powermeter 0,2...8 (typ. +-0,08) / 8...2300 W (typ. +-1%)
  • microphone
  • radio interface 868,3 Mhz
  • GPRS/EDGE quad band, TCP/IP
  • RGB lightbar

QGate Facts & Features - Download

Quality Made in Austria

CE & TÜV Certification - Download

You find the CE Declaration of Conformity as well as the TÜV certification of QGate here.