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Realizing own ideas.

Become part of the QDev Community and
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Realizing own ideas

What's the QStudio?

Develop your on QApps in the QStudio, share them with other users or sell your brilliant solutions in the QAppstore. Realize your own app ideas with QGate.

Create your own applications – so called QApps – in the QStudio. Simply allow free play to your ideas.

Just log in and activate the QStudio. This procedure can last up to 48 hours. After the activation nothing can stop you from letting your own app-dreams come true.

What's a QApp?

QApps allow you to regulate your QGate the way you like it or teach it individual behaviour. You can choose from the large number of ready-made QApps or let your own app ideas come true in the QStudio. It’s your choice with QGate.

Share your QApps with others

Swap ideas with the members of the QDev Community. Share your QApp programming drafts with other members. Of course they cannot change your finished QApp, but use your drafts as basis for new QApps. Share your finished QApp freely or sell it in the QAppstore.

Screen wattQmeter     Screen wattQmeter

Your own QApp

How to create a simple QApp like wattQmeter
in 9 steps

  1. Make notes of your idea
  2. Develop a plan
  3. Add program labels to your plan
  4. Create a new QApp in your QStudio
  5. Upload images
  6. Design your user interface
  7. Write your control program
  8. Link your control program to your user interface
  9. Ready!

Create your own QApp

How to create your QApp

Upcoming Products

The QLink

Currently we are working intensively on the expansion of the QGate’s functions. Our newest family member is the small but extremely versatile QLink. This sensor tunes the functions of our existing QApps. Members of the QDev community can use the QLink for new QApp creations.

And that's how it works

The QLink is a sensor that you can apply to different spots in your apartment, office or holiday house. The QLink expands the functions of the QApps (precise temperature detection, detection of changes in lighting conditions, door / window / drawer contact).

Learn more about QLink

You have an idea how to adjust your QGate even better to your needs? Then off you go to the QStudio.
In the QStudio you realize your own app solutions and swap ideas with other members.
Share your brilliant solutions with others and sell your QApps in the QAppstore.