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Is everything
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Bring comfort and security into
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Is everything alright at home

Worried about your loved ones at home?

Stay in touch with them wherever you are with QCare.

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Worried about your loved ones at home

Not sure if the iron/straightener is turned off?

Play safe with QSwitch.

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Not sure if the iron/straightener is turned off

Are the kids sitting in front of the TV again?

Manage your children’s TV watching age-appropriately with TVnanny.

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Are the kids sitting in front of the TV again

Experience new freedom

Smart technology communicating with your smartphone


QGate connects your smartphone with your living spaces. Just plug QGate into the next socket, register at and let’s go. With the QGate app you can switch on or off the light at your home, monitor your basement’s temperature, manage your children’s TV watching age-appropriately or keep track of your refrigerator’s energy consumption via your smartphone – wherever you are and whenever you like. Be at home anytime and everywhere with QGate and enjoy the good feeling of having a mobile partner at your site. Be footloose and experience new freedom with QGate.

What is QGuard?

The QApp QGuard is your personal mobile alarm system. QGuard informs about interlopers, dropping temperatures and switches lamps or heating devices connected to the QGate. If anything undesirable is detected, like for example danger of frost, you are alarmed via SMS. Heating devices connected to the QGate can be switched automatically or remotely via smartphone.

Your benefits with QGuard at a glance:

  • Presence simulation when you’re not home 
  • SMS alarm if unusual noises / motions detected 
  • Regulation of your comfort temperature 
  • SMS alarm if danger of frost detected

Download QGuard for free in the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store.

What is QGate?

Smartphone + QGate = Your Personal Mobile Controller Learn in this video what QGate is and how it works. QGate is equipped with an embedded SIM-card as well as different integrated sensors. These enable to communicate with your living spaces worldwide, without WiFi installation. Whether you are travelling, in your office or at your neighbor’s just around the corner – QGate is with you everywhere. Whether you want to save energy, make your home secure or realize your own ideas – QGate helps you anytime.